In person


My career

The study of classical homeopathy brought me to medical school. During this time I extended my orthodox medical education to natural remedies and acupuncture. As a doctor in a specialist clinic for naturopathic treatments, I deepened and expanded my spectrum of holistic therapy methods and acquired corresponding additional qualifications. As senior physician, I designed a holistic, patient-centered medicine without ideological barriers in the last two years of my clinical work.

Since 2015, I am 3rd President of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Onkologie e. V. (German Society for Oncology) and try to promote a more humane, less side-effect and more effective cancer medicine.


I am married and have three children - and love my family above all else. I live in the countryside, enjoy nature and probably laugh more than other people. I like to read, listen to music, play several instruments and am a passionate cook (not always to the delight of my family). I also like to run, sometimes marathon.