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In my practice, I use a whole range of different therapeutical methods.
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Biological Cancer Therapy

Biological cancer therapy tries to help and support in various stages of the disease. First and foremost, the aim is to promote the healthy parts of the patient and to remove the breeding ground from the cancer. Different methods are used:

  • to reduce side effects
  • to detoxify
  • to supplement
  • to activate the immune system
  • to optimize the lifestyle (diet, exercise, mind and soul)
  • to attack tumor cells directly and indirectly.


Diet is an important issue in cancer. The so-called Epic study has been running for several years with 560,000 people investigating the influence of diet on carcinogenesis. Meanwhile, there are important data, which are incorporated into the advice for the respective tumor disease.

Recently, the researcher Dr. Coy has achieved a breakthrough in cancer cell research. He was able to detect an enzyme (TKTL1), which is found mainly in fast-growing and metastatic tumors. It causes the tumor to be able to feed on only large amounts of glucose. A so-called ketogenic diet seems to "starve out" these tumor cells. Whether a particular tumor is TKTL1 positive can be tested in the laboratory. Inform yourself in my practice!

Patient information Nutrition for Tumor Patients (PDF)

Minerals and vitamins

Minerals and vitamins such as selenium or vitamin C are already recommended by some university hospitals. Which substances make sense for you, which are not - I like to clarify all this with you.

Active Fever Therapy

Active fever therapy is one of the most powerful immunostimulating therapies. By administering a tiny amount of bacteria, a 6-8 hour fever boost is triggered, which is monitored in my practice.

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Professional article on Active Fever Therapy (PDF)


In biological cancer therapy, infusions are often an important measure. Among other things, the following substances are infused:

With the help of drug tests it can be determined which substances are particularly promising in the respective patient.


Thymus and spleen extract contains a broad spectrum of important defence substances. They are proven immunomodulators and also noticeably improve the quality of life of patients.

Patient information Organotherapy (PDF)

Hypnosis, deep relaxation, visualizations

Modern science in the form of psychoneuroimmunology teaches us the close connection of the mind and the immune system. Again and again, spontaneous cures are also reported in advanced tumors. Inner images can be used to activate healing powers, reduce anxiety and depression, find calmness and bring colour to the soul. In practice, these procedures can ideally be carried out in hypnosis.


An electrical high-frequency field achieves surface or depth overheating. Tumor cells are very sensitive to heat and the electric field.

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Immunotherapy with GC-MAF

GC-MAF is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that activates phagocytes. Their task is to find and eliminate tumors.

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Insulin-potentiated Therapy

Chemotherapy is often too unspecific, not only cancer cells but also healthy cells are attacked. There are several approaches to overcoming this problem: One drug is Methadone, the other is insulin-potentiated therapy.

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Methadone has been used for decades in drug substitution. In the laboratory experiment, it has been shown that methadone acts on cancer cells: they die after a short time.

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Albumin Carrier Therapy

Albumin Carrier Therapy is an innovative, low-impact form of tumor treatment. A chemotherapy is coupled to the protein albumin in the blood. Fortunately, the albumin carrier therapy usually has no side effects and other therapies, such as Insulin-potentiated Therapy and biological agents can be combined well with it.

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Our practice is recommended by the Gesellschaft für Biologische Krebsabwehr e. V. (Society for Biological Cancer Defense), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Onkologie e. V. (German Society for Onkology) and the Bundesverband Neurodermitiskranker in Deutschland e. V. (Federal Association of Neurodermatitis Patients in Germany).